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They did a great job and I highly recommend them. Freddie was very responsive and the quality of work was excellent. We really enjoyed working with him and will definitely use in the future.

Marlene White

Good guys, quality work. Would definitely hire again.

Mark Strozeski

I highly recommend Blue Ridge Landscaping to anyone who is looking for a reliable, dependable, honest company to do any of your landscaping needs. Freddie is a very knowledgeable and takes the time to thoroughly explain everything that needs to be done and options for your needs. His work is excellent. He is kind, considerate, and easy to discuss any concerns with and will do the best job that you could ask for.

Liz Homay

The team showed up on time and they are very professional. They got the job done correctly and seemed very passionate about their work. Freddie was very flexible and was very adaptive to all situations. I think they were very kind and professional. I would definitely recommend them for landscaping projects.

Fahed Alchaer

Freddie, the owner was very thoughtful, courteous, and especially patient with me in helping me change my landscaping. The beds had become terribly overgrown and neglected. Freddie spent many hours over the course of numerous days meticulously weeding and reshaping the beds. He took soil samples and fortified the soil in prep for new plantings. When he started, I had no idea what new plants I wanted. Freddie proposed ideas, listened to my thoughts and concerns, and remained open to whatever I selected. In the end, I have new landscaping with plants that I love, a combination of his suggestions and my research. I learned so much while working with Blue Ridge, and I am so happy I chose them to help me.

Nancy Holler

100% on point.. highly recommend..thanks for your services..

David Dejesus